BIG AIR's Mat Hoffman Says 'Hello'

BMX pioneer/BIRTH OF BIG AIR star gets real (short) with ESPN.

We are, shall we say, beyond stoked to be screening The Birth of Big Air at this year’s Fest. The documentary, directed by Jeff Tramaine and produced by Spike Jonze and Johnny Knoxville, chronicles BMX vert virtuoso Mat Hoffman, his incredible career and his lifelong pursuit of the next big thing. Last year, sat down with Hoffman for a quick-fire questionnaire: so, if you wanted to know what Mat Hoffman’s worst job was, his favorite BMX rider, or the best piece of advice his mother ever gave him, look no further!

For those answers and more, check out the article HERE.

For more spills (and a lot of soaring), watch Hoffman revolutionize BMX in The Birth of Big Air. Buy your tickets HERE.