Filmmaker Aaron Schneider talks Get Low

Oscar Winner Aaron Schneider gives the lowdown on his first feature film, GET LOW.

In this Los Angeles Times article, Aaron Schneider discusses the journey of his NFF 2010 Spotlight Film, GET LOW, to the big screen, including betting his future career on the participation of a little know actor named Bill Murray. The crew held their breath as they waited forBill Murray, a man who likes to make his own travel arrangements, to arrive to the Georgia set, not entirely sure that he would show up. Murray, true to his word, arrived the first day of shooting twenty minutes late and judging by the relieved faces of the crew, he quipped “So was there an over-under on whether I’d show?” Schneider, already an Oscar winner for his 2002 short film, Two Soldiers, candidly explains his transition from successful cinematographer to director and the rewarding process of making GET LOW.

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To see the fruits of Schneider’s labors, check out Get Low on Friday, June 18th at 3:30p.m at the Starlight Theater and again on Sunday, June 20th at 12:30p.m at the ‘Sconset Casino. Buy your tickets HERE.