Could YOU get on the bus?

Filmmaker Stanley Nelson’s inspirational documentary on the Freedom Riders.

Award Winning Documentarian Stanley Nelson and WGBH Boston partnered together to make the powerful film, FREEDOM RIDERS. Aided by a one million dollar grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, this powerful and inspirational documentary tells the story of the turbulent months between May and Novemeber 1961 where more than 400 Americans endured beatings by peacefully and deliberately violating Jim Crow Laws in an act of non-violent activism. These brave men and women, black and white, are honored in Nelson’s Freedom Riders.

Check out the history behind Nelson’s harrowing documentary HERE.

Don’t miss out on our Centerpiece screening of Freedom Riders! Along with the film, there will be a special conversation with one of the original Freedom Riders, Bernard Lafayette, on Friday June 18th, 8:30 p.m at the Nantucket High School. Buy your tickets HERE.