Lynn True & Nelson Walker discuss Summer Pasture

Filmmakers True & Walker speak about their film and their participation in the Kham Film Project.

SUMMER PASTURE is a beautiful and moving documentary that follows a nomadic Tibetan family over the course of one summer during a period of uncertainty as the outside world threatens their way of life. The filmmakers discuss their partnership with the Kham Film Project as well as the difficulties making SUMMER PASTURE, including editing down the two hundred hours of footage they collected. The team also had to translate a majority of the footage TWICE, once into a more common Tibetan dialect and then into English! Don't miss this stunning documentary at NFF 2010!

Read more about their creative process HERE.

There are two chances to see Summer Pasture! This beautiful documentary plays on Friday, June 18th at 3:00p.m at the Coffin School and Saturday, June 19th, at 12:30p.m again at the Coffin School. Buy your tickets HERE.