Tyrannosaur: A First Feature with Bite

One film that is sure to make a splash on Nantucket is Tyrannosaur, the directorial debut of actor Paddy Considine (In America, Cinderella Man, The Red Riding Trilogy). Written by Considine, Tyrannosaur tells the story of Hannah and Joseph, two extremely lonely and damaged people, that are drawn to each other through chance and circumstance.

Joseph (played by esteemed actor/director Peter Mullan) is a widower, spiraling violently out of control, and whose uncontrollable angers gets in into trouble at the local pubs and in his dodgy neighborhood. The only people Joseph is able to show kindness to are a young boy who lives across the street with his thoughtless mother and thug boyfriend and Hannah (a brilliant Olivia Colman), a pious, sweet natured woman that is abused by her husband (Eddie Marsden). In this interview with indieWire,  Writer/Director Paddy Considine discusses his inspiration behind the character of Joseph, his creative process and he biggest challenges he faced in making Tyrannosaur.

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