To Be Heard: Lives and Language on the Edge

To Be Heard is a riveting documentary that tells the story of three teens from the Bronx that use spoken word/beat poerty as a catalyst to inspire change in themselves and others. To Be Heard follows Anthony, Pearl and Katrina as they enroll in their school's poetry program, which is fondly known as "Power Writing." These three students each have problems: Anthony is hardheaded and in trouble with the law, Pearl struggles to accept her appearance and must work at a part-time job to help support her family while Katrina lacks a stable home life as she and her mother constantly get in brutal fights and arguements. Anthony, Pearl and Katrina quickly began to lean on each other and gradually become their own support system through their Power Writing program and the discovery of this new form of artistic expression in their lives.

Through the encouragement of their teachers and powerful spoken word/beat poetry performances, Anthony, Pearl and Katrina strive to make a change in their lives with new found confidence. You can visit To Be Heard's official site or check out this great review here. Tickets are now on sale!