New Doc explores the strange case of Chess champion, Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Against the World is a documentary that explores the nature of genius, madness, and the game of chess itself. Considered by many to be the greatest chess player that ever lived, Fischer rose from child prodigy to world-class champion at age 29, only to become a victim of his own paranoia and oddities. A recluse for decades, Fischer resurfaced in the 1990s for a strange final chapter as a fugitive, living all over the world to escape extradition back to the US. With rare footage and eye-opening interviews with his family and friends, Bobby Fischer Against The World is a riveting story of a mastermind’s turbulent rise and fall.


For more information about Bobby Fischer Against The World, check out this Paste Magazine interview with director Liz Garbus. Garbus will be in attendance for a Q & A after the film's screening on Saturday, June 25th at 1:30PM at the Nantucket High School.  Tickets are available so buy now!