Mia and the Migoo: A Film for All Ages

Mia and the Migoo is truly a film for the whole family. This animated film has been widely praise across the festival circuit for its expressionistic color and beautiful hand-drawn visuals, which makes it stand out far above the rest! Winner of the European Film Award's Best Animated Feature, Mia and the Migoo tells the story of a plucky young girl named Mia that goes a journey to find her father, who has gone missing after a landslide occurs while working at a disaster-plagued construction site of a greedy corporation. Aided by the fantastical spirit guardian, Migoo (voiced by Wallace Shawn), Mia sees the effect that these profit-hungry developers have on the wondrous environment around her, especially the endangerment of the ancient Tree of Life that sits in the middle of the lake. When Mia realizes that Migoo is the cause of the accidents at the construction site in order to protect the Tree, the two join together in a fight to save Mia's father and the sacred Tree of Life.

See all the brilliant color and details of Mia and the Migoo in this HD Trailer. Check out the official site and see behind the scenes of Mia and the Migoo to learn more about the making of the film and what you can do to help the environment. Just like Mia!