Feel the Rhythm of When the Drum is Beating

When the Drum is Beating is a documentary that shows how the music of Septentrional, a popular Haitian band, can uplift a nation even in the most challenging of circumstances. Led by 80 year-old conductor, "Maestro" Ulrick Pierre Louis, the band members of Septentrional have been playing music through civil unrest, dictatorships, cataclysmic natural disasters, government overthrows and the like for decades, never missing a beat. In the face of Haiti's greatest tragedy, the earthquake that killed almost 300,000 people, the band must come together and find the courage to go on.

You can check out the trailer to When the Drum is Beating here. The Director, Whitney Dow, will be in attendance at both screenings to answer any questions and discuss her film. See When the Drum is Beating either on Thursday, June 23rd at 8:00PM or Saturday, June 25th at 1:00PM, both at Bennett Hall.