One Lucky Elephant Screens Tomorrow!

When Flora the elephant loses her zest for performing, David Balding, producer of Nantucket's own Circus Flora, goes on a journey of mammoth proportions to find her a new home, revealing the unintended consequences of raising a wild animal in captivity in One Lucky Elephant. Caught between the human and animal worlds, Flora embodies the harsh reality elephants face as man continues to expand his territory. Filmed over a decade, the documentary raises questions about humans' complex relationships with animals for which there are no easy answers. One thing is certain: After watching this film, it is impossible to look at an elephant in a zoo or a circus in the same way.

Check out the great review for One Lucky Elephant in The LA TimesOne Lucky Elephant screens directly after our All-Star Comedy Roundtable Presented by Ben Stiller on Sunday, June 26th, at 3:30PM at the Nantucket High School. Click here for tickets!