Asif Kapadia on directing Senna

Senna is a riveting documentary that explores the life of Aryton Senna, who was tragically killed in 1994 in a car accident at the San Marino Grand Prix. A national hero in Brazil, Senna is beloved by racing fans worldwide and is widely considered to be the greatest Formula One driver of all time. Director Asif Kapadia captures the passionate life of Senna, who was dedicated to his sport, but also grew frustrated as "pure racing" began to succumb to advancing technology and ever-rising coasts. Kapadia' documentary directorial debut is receiving wide acclaim from across the globe, especially with Formula One Racing Fans.

Check out this recent interview with Den of Geek where Asif Kapadia discusses going from directing dramas to documentaries, the process of getting Senna made, his creative influences and much more! Senna is screening at the Sconset Casino at 12:00PM on Friday, June 24th and again at 3:00PM at the Starlight Theater on Sunday, June 26th. Click here to buy your tickets!