Catching Up With 2011 Screenplay Competition Finalists

With our Screenplay Competition submission process well under way, we reached out to last year's 9 semi-finalists and finalists, and the winner of our Showtime's Tony Cox Screenplay Competition for an update on their work and careers. Here's what some of them had to say:

- Sarah Adina Smith, one of our three finalists, recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for her project, Good People. The film is scheduled to start shooting late spring/early summer, with renowned visual effects supervisor Peter Hjorth (Melancholia). Sarah also completed two new scripts this year!

- As the winner of last year's competition for The Murphys, Kaitlin McLaughlin was invited to the Screenwriters' Colony in October. She called the experience, "[the] best month of my life!" After NFF, the screenplay was accepted into Film Independent's Screenwriters Lab. Kaitlin is looking to bring a casting director to the project in spring. Additionally, she was hired to write an independent feature set for production in spring as well.

- Semi-finalist Bridget Flanery-Fownes submitted her screenplay, Gossamer Folds, to our Script Analysis. Our script doctor offered, "great suggestions," and Gossamer Folds has since been a finalist in two other festival competitions. Bridget is now finishing her new screenplay, Blue Star.

- Steven Arvanites, a semi-finalist for Grilled Cheese Virgin, is the founder of, the city's largest rewriting organization. He is now currently working with a casting director to produce his script Beaner Jumping, expected to shoot in June.

- Semi-finalist Andrew Eisen is currently in talks with leading producers to get his project, Youth in Oregon, into production for 2012. In addition to workshopping Youth in Los Angeles last fall, Andrew is wrapping up a first draft of a pilot and working through another feature film script for Matt Baer Films.


Best of luck to all!