Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists Announced

MEND by David Chester and Blake Pinter

After her husband’s tragic death, a young woman with two children decides to pursue her dream of opening her own custom upholstery shop in defiance of her critical, controlling mother while finding unexpected help from the gay brother-in-law she resents.

SNAPPER by Claire Fowler

Teen gypsy Mali, her tiny daughter, Katie, and tyrannical mum, Sivonne, park their caravan in the middle of a field in North Wales after being ostracized from their travelling community. Mali will do anything to settle and give Katie a normal life, but Sivonne and the locals have other ideas.


After deserting the Confederate Army at the end of the Civil War, a renegade outlaw, 'The Bad Man', heads to Arizona to retrieve a stolen diamond, tracked relentlessly by a conflicted Bounty Hunter. The Bad Man, on the run for months, finally makes his way to a small mining town post office, with his guide, the 'Kid', and a 'Girl' whose daddy was killed by a posse also looking for The Bad Man. A wild gunfight ensues when The Bounty Hunter arrives, and the diamond is finally obtained, but by whom?

HARD OUT by Jacob Held

Lifelong criminal Lee gets an unexpected call from one of his estranged daughters: her sister, Lee's other child, has been brutally murdered. Lee seeks revenge for the crime, but eventually discovers that redemption is a more important, though more elusive, goal. 

LAND OF ENCHANTMENT by Eric Juhola and Jeremy Stulberg

When a disillusioned maternity ward nurse searches for her estranged teenage daughter, she finds herself in the lawless wilderness of the New Mexico desert where she is forced to confront her past, and choose between her old life in the real world and a new found freedom living off the grid.

JEAN OF THE JONESES by Stella Meghie

When Jean’s estranged grandfather arrives on her doorstep and promptly dies, she plans the funeral against the advice of her dysfunctional Jamaican family of women. With each heavenly arrangement Jean uncovers a new family secret forcing her to face up to her own fears, failing career and burgeoning love.

HOBBY AND FITZ by Jim Milton

When F. Scott Fitzgerald is hired by a movie studio in 1940, he is given a mentor: Pat Hobby, an bumbling alcoholic schemer left over from the silent era, who leads the novelist through a series of comic misadventures in their attempt to create “the greatest movie ever written.”

BABY DADDIES by Derek Nguyen

Dave and Cary, a NYC gay couple, try to adopt a baby from a feisty, pregnant teen named Mercedes. But the adoption process turns their lives upside down. When the real “baby daddy” appears, Mercedes questions whether she wants to keep the baby, which threatens to break the couple apart... 

THE WORLD OF MEN by Katherine Nolfi

Auggie is trying, and largely failing, to find a wife and take over the family manufacturing business. When his kid sister Steph moves in unannounced, she upends his bachelor pad and his life.  He’d kick her out, but she has cancer.


When a young Isaac Newton falls for a beautiful Prussian royal, he attempts to understand the guiding principles of love using a new mathematical system he’s developed. However, when his equations lead him astray, he must confront the possibility that love is a problem that requires a solution less scientific.