NFF Presents THE LIST, in Partnership with Facing History and Ourselves

The List depicts both the harrowing aftermath of war and the actions of a single man inspired by his own moral responsibility and sense of honor to take action when his government cannot or will not. In 2007, after leading reconstruction teams in Baghdad and Fallujah, Kirk Johnson returned home to the U.S. and founded The List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies. His focus was on his former Iraqi colleagues – the native interpreters, embassy workers, and subcontractors who worked for the U.S. government and were now under threat from Iraqi insurgents and militia because of their efforts. Johnson doesn’t set out to be a hero, but his involvement grows ever larger, and he evolves into a kind of modern-day Oskar Schindler. The List, which screened to much acclaim at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, follows his efforts.

Johnson, along with filmmaker Beth Murphy, will join audience members for the post-screening discussion.

The partnership between the Nantucket Film Festival and Facing History began in 2009, thanks to the passion of Jill Karp, an active board member of both organizations. Films screened since then include The Reckoning, Freedom Riders, A Small Act, and Granito.

Learn more about Facing History here and join us for the screening and conversation on June 21!