NFF In Theaters: October-November 2013

Before we gear up for another edition of the Nantucket Film Festival next June, take a look at what NFF alums from 2013 are in movie theaters near you.

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A.C.O.D. - In theaters now. A Film Arcade release.

Featuring a superb comic ensemble—led by Adam Scott and including Richard Jenkins, Catherine O'Hara, Amy Poehler, Jessica Alba, and Jane Lynch—A.C.O.D. is a sharp commentary on the idiosyncrasies of modern families. Though Carter has been caught in the crosshairs of his parents’ bitter divorce for much of his life, he is seemingly well-adjusted—until he discovers that he was featured in the definitive book on children of divorce. He decides to set the record straight, and ends up proving to hilarious effect that we may grow up, but we never escape our childhoods. Directed by Stu Zicherman.

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Concussion - In theaters now. A RADiUS-TWC release.

Concussion focuses on Abby (the great Robin Weigert), a 40-something married housewife who, after suffering a blow to the head from her son’s baseball, confronts a mounting desire for something beyond her suburban life. Her pent-up libido shakes off its inhibitions, inaugurating a double life as a high-end escort. Sensual and contained, Concussion is a keen observation of the complicated contours of a midlife crisis. Directed by Stacie Passon.

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God Loves Uganda - In theaters now. A Variance Films release.

Through vérité interviews and hidden camera footage, God Loves Uganda takes viewers inside the evangelical movement in Uganda, where American missionaries have been credited with both creating schools and hospitals and promoting dangerous religious bigotry. Shocking, horrifying, touching, and enlightening, the film raises complex issues about religion and its meaning. Directed by Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams.

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Life According to Sam - On HBO and in theaters now. An HBO: Documentary Film release.

Winner of the 2013 Audience Award at NFF 2013! When their son, Sam, was diagnosed with progeria, an extremely rare and fatal disease characterized by accelerated aging symptoms, doctors Leslie Gordon and Scott Berns were told simply to enjoy him while they could. Instead, they spearheaded a campaign that has led to amazing discoveries, and Sam is turning 16 this year. Life According to Sam is an inspiring and heartwarming film about the power of family and making the most of the time we are given.

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Blood Brother - In theaters now. A Tugg release.

Winner of the Audience and Grand Jury Awards at Sundance, Blood Brother is an incisive documentary—a transformative experience for audiences and filmmakers alike. Hoping to clear his mind, Rocky traveled to India as a tourist. He visited an orphanage for children with HIV and after a couple of months of repeat visits decided to stay and devote his life to them. Rocky’s playful spirit and determination prove invaluable in the face of despair and formidable challenges.

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Running From Crazy - In theaters November 1. An Oprah Winfrey Network release.

Spotlight Film at NFF 2013. Hailed as one of the most distinguished families in American literature, the Hemingways have always exposed both their bright brilliance and their harrowing secrets. Running from Crazy follows actress Mariel Hemingway, a granddaughter of the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway, as she explores her family’s disturbing history of mental illness and suicide. Evocative home movies shot by Mariel’s supermodel sister, the late Margaux Hemingway, shape the actor’s courageous journey of acceptance. Directed by two-time Academy Award winner and our 2013 Special Achievement in Documentary Storytelling Award recipient, Barbara Kopple.

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