"The Short Game" Tees Off at NFF18

You may remember Brooklyn Castle, an award-winning documentary about extraordinary young student chess players, at NFF17.

In our tradition of featuring real-life youngsters facing adversity and achieving triumph in unexpected ways, this year we bring you The Short Game. Each year, the world’s best 7 year-old golfers descend on Pinehurst, North Carolina to compete in the World Championships of Junior Golf. The Short Game is a feature documentary that follows eight of these very young athletes on their quest to become the sport’s next phenom alongside 1,500 young golfers from 54 countries. A fascinating and often funny portrait is painted of the athletes and their families, and the narrowly focused, quirky, and highly competitive junior golf subculture becomes a window into contemporary global society.

"It doesn’t matter if you care about football when you’re watching Rudy, because you’re not rooting for the sport, you’re rooting for the little guy. This is a film about little guys. Eight unbelievably talented little guys and girls to be exact," says director Josh Greenbaum. "This is a film about struggle, friendship, family, dedication, hard work, focus, failure, perseverance and triumph. In short, it is a film about the human condition, as told through the lens of one of the oldest sports in our history, being played by the youngest."

See The Short Game at NFF18, and check out this entertaining interview with the young subjects from the film!