Learn More About Some Girl(s)

NFF recently spoke with Patty West, producer of Some Girl(s), written by Neil LaBute and directed by Daisy von Scherler MayerSome Girl(s) is an adaptation of LaBute's stage play and stars Adam Brody as a successful writer who travels across the country on the eve of his wedding to meet up with ex-lovers (played by Kristin Bell, Zoe Kazan, and Emily Watson, among others) in an attempt to make amends for past relationship transgressions.

Learn more from West about the film below, and check it out at NFF18!

NFF: What did you gain and/or lose turning the stage play into the film?

West: I think we really gained the opportunity to reach a larger audience first and foremost. To me, it's a timeless story about heartbreak and the damage we all do to each other every day written by one of the great writers of our time. Neil LaBute was very collaborative in adapting it for film and was very flexible when things needed to be cut. There's a juicy scene at the end which is newfor the film and the "Reggie" scene with Zoe Kazan was in the published play, but often hasn't gone up in productions. It's a great scene and we are really happy we included it in the film. Of course, there are cinematic limitations in preserving what's great about the play (the dialogue which takes place entirely in 5 hotel rooms), but Daisy von Scherler Mayer, the director, did a great job with Rachel Morrison, the Director of Photography and Maya Sigel, the Production Designer, to keep each scene visually interesting. On stage and on screen, there are great performances and we think there isn't a weak link in the movie. On screen, there's a real chance for the drama to be more intimate and the comedy more subtle. On film, you get to have a close up...

NFF:  Were your actors familiar with the play, or did they approach the film fresh?

West: I think many actors were familiar with the play, but not all of them. All are LaBute fans and were drawn to his work. How could they not be? The roles are fantastic.

NFF: Neil's work can sometimes be controversial or divisive.  What should audiences expect from Some Girl(s)?

West: Audiences should expect to relate to these characters. Neil is one of the best writers to shine a light on truthful human behavior, ugly or not, and this one is about break-ups. He does leave a Neil LaBute fingerprint...so it's definitely a dark comedy. We like to call it "a Neil LaBute romance."

NFF: Do you have any upcoming projects?

West: Neil and Daisy are always working. Leeden Media is developing a few things. One project we are really excited about is based on the book DEFENDING A MONSTER by Sam L. Amirante and Danny Broderick and it's about the lawyer who defended John Wayne Gacy.