Ciné Institute of Haiti and Teen View Conversation Introduced by Ben Stiller

In a very special celebration, today at 4:30pm, the Nantucket Film Festival brings together an amazing group of Ciné Institute film students from Haiti and our very own Teen View on NFF filmmaking students to recognize Haitian creativity and talent alongside the works of Nantucket teens. Students from both islands will present projects from their respective programs this past year and will engage in a conversation introduced by Ben Stiller. Come witness the extraordinary enthusiasm we all have for the work of our young filmmakers and encourage Haitian and Nantucket student filmmaking.

Teen View participants are Sean Allen, Virginia Bullington, Katie Castle, Lynn Chlemecky, Emmet Daly, Ronan Daly, Grace Dineen, Ally Laredo, Caroline Richards, and Courtney Yancy. Additionally, Miguel Alvarez and Myriam Nelson from Ciné Institute will be in attendance.

Read more about the The Ciné Institute below, and join us at 4:30pm to view these extraordinary young filmmakers' work!


The Ciné Institute is Haiti’s only film school, which quietly and persistently educates young Haitians filmmakers while the country around it continues to recover. Operating out of Jakmel on Haiti’s southern coast, The Ciné Institute runs several programs that train students in writing, directing, and production and promote film literacy.

The Institute believes that film provides entry to a universe of educational, technological and economic opportunities. They’ve used this philosophy to design unique workshops where, for example, students have one day to prepare a film, one day to shoot it, and one day to edit it, all on a budget of twenty-five cents per film. The Institute also watched several of its graduates attend the Cinemas of the World inauguration ceremony at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.