Showtime Tony Cox TV Pilot Screenplay Finalists

NFF is pleased to announce the three finalists of our 30 Minute and 60 Minute Showtime Tony Cox TV Pilot Competitions. Both sets of finalists are in contention to win a $1000 cash prize, an all-access festival badge and more. Read up on the scripts and screenwriters below, and be sure to check back in mid-June for the winners.

60 Minute TV Pilot Finalists

The Dropout

Synopsis: A teenage hacker, in rebellion against society, manipulates the lives of people in ways he considers "art", until an FBI Agent gets wind of what he's doing, threatening everything the boy has worked for.

Bio: Ryan Austin Ward, 23 and a native of Richmond, Virginia, has dreamed about writing and directing movies and shows for most of his life. His first pilot, The Dropout, now written, Ward currently spends his days sacrificing sunlight for mass script creation in Roanoke, Virginia.

Going Reno

Synopsis: It’s 1932 and Violet’s husband has just left her in Reno to finalize their divorce. On her own for the first time, she builds a new life in a city full of gambling, loose morals, and people running from their pasts.

Bio: Elizabeth Quinn is a recent New York-to-Los Angeles transplant pursuing television writing and producing. She also performs improv and was a 2012 Disney/ABC Writing Program Semi-Finalist.


Synopsis: The staff of a high-end Malibu rehab center try to keep their own lives together while dealing with the needs of their wealthy, often celebrity clients.

Bio: Jamie Mayer graduated from Harvard, has sold feature scripts to Fox and Lionsgate, and workshopped material in the Sundance Writers' and Directors' Labs. Tomorrowland is her first television pilot.


30 Minute TV Pilot Finalists

Good Morning Detroit

Synopsis: After an on air fiasco a once promising television producer is demoted to a different news market and must bring the last place morning show to first place in order to get his prestigious job back.

Bio: Mary Conroy and Bill Pendergast are produced playwrights and each hold an MFA in Creative Writing.  Their ability to work on each others strengths enables them to create strong characters and comedic stories ranging from sitcom pilots to fortune cookies.

Mother Trucker

Synopsis: A workplace comedy about a struggling organic food truck co-owned by a recovering rageaholic and her spiritual sponsor.

Bio: Elise Holowicki is a Los Angeles based filmmaker whose work runs the gamut of music videos, commercials, and episodic narrative web content. Some of her work has been featured in festivals internationally and some of it just hangs out on the internet.


Synopsis: Everyone dies. But nobody handles that grim reality with more humor, irony and humanity than the quirky group of city employees at the NYC Medical Examiner's Office. A single-camera workplace comedy set in the busiest morgue in the world.

Bio: Born in Queens and raised in Merrick, Long Island, Stuart Feldman is a graduate of Northwestern University and began his career as a DGA assistant director on dozens of TV and film projects in NY. As a WGA writer, he has co-written two episodes of the NBC drama Law & Order – “Foul Play” and “License to Kill." In 2010, he co-wrote an episode of the USA series Royal Pains ("Astraphobia"), and in 2012 wrote the episode "Justice Denied" for Law & Order: SVU.