A Teen View Project Teaser

This year's Teen View program produced eight unique short film projects that will be presented on Friday, June 27 during the festival. In the lead-up, Teen View Director Jeff Tocci has shared a preview of two divergent films: a documentary and a noir. Read on for more.



1) A documentary on the "Take It or Leave It,” an area of the Nantucket Landfill where people exchange used items for free. Cecilia Ponsati, an Argentinian exchange student at nantucket High School, examines the lives of two collectors: one who transforms seemingly useless junk into art, the other who collects and restores antiques that he finds. This movie solidifies the notion that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as we meet  some Nantucket locals who make trips to the "Take It Or Leave It" as part of their daily routines, and others who rely on its buried treasures for their livelihoods.


2) Dial H for Homicide is a whodunit film noir written and directed by Emmet and Ronan Daly, in which a murder takes place at a birthday party. It’s anyone’s guess as to who the killer is, or why they committed the murder, but all the clues are there. Put on your detective hats on and see if you can solve the case before the film is done!