10 Semi-Finalists for the Showtime Tony Cox Feature Screenplay Competition

NFF is proud to announce our ten semi-finalists for the 2015 Showtime Tony Cox Feature Screenplay Competition. Thanks to everyone who submitted, and congratulations to these ten screenwriters.


The Art of Suicide

Writer: Devi Snively

A suicide killer bonds with his latest victim despite his very particular MO: he stalks an ordinary person, forces them to write their life story, then stage their death to look like a suicide.

The Chronicles of Houghington  

Writer: Colin Borden

With the whimsy of the original Pink Panther and the adventure of Indiana JonesThe Chronicles of Houghington follow our falsely-famous leader as he amazingly escapes dangers by sheer luck as he searches for a new treasure, but this time Houghington might not be able to luck himself out of a sticky situation.


Writer: Kristen Dávila

Pakistani plastic surgeon and gambling addict Mohsin needs to make a lot of money fast, so he contacts the CIA to turn in his new neighbor, who happens to be on the Top Ten most wanted terrorist list.

Dancing in the Dark

Writer: Micky Levy

A biopic of the black Vaudeville performer Bert Williams, adapted from the novel by Caryl Philips.

Edith and the Electric Railway

Writers: Ra'up McGee and Raymond Lee

A young woman, who lives with an evil step-grandmother, applies for a subway conductor job where more complications ensue.

The Evil Bitch Society

Writers: Benj Hewitt and Marjan Tehrani

A family and a group of girlfriends are brought together during a mother's struggle with breast cancer.

The Gloaming

Writer: Philip Aceto

An ensemble drama about a janitor and the surrounding high school where he works.


Writer: Maria Collins

After the death of her husband, a woman moves to a new city to start a second career as a trendy restaurant's pastry chef.

Never Been Born

Writer: Adria Tennor

A young woman returns home to look after her mentally handicapped mother after she is attacked.


Writer: Natalie Malizia

Broke and homeless, twenty-something Amber moves back to her hometown, where the only acting work she can find is at an old-timey New England village.