Teen View on NFF: Winter Update

As part of our commitment to youth education, Nantucket Film Festival rolls out the red carpet every year for student filmmakers through the Teen View Shorts Showcase. The Showcase features several shorts created by Nantucket High School students who participate in the winter and spring Teen View Labs, where they write, direct, produce, and edit their own projects. These student creators spend months gaining experience with professional equipment, and at this year’s Festival, they will also get to experience premiering their films in front of an audience.

NFF Teen View is conducted under the direction of Jeff Tocci, who has recently updated us about what we can expect with this year’s Showcase, which includes more fiction projects than usual: “I wanted them to have something different to help them stand out when applying for college. I wanted them to challenge themselves, and really push the boundaries. I have to say, they have responded like champs….[with] all of the projects….”

Watch this spot for more updates on this year’s Teen View Showcase.