Five Questions With...Jaclyn Wohl

Our interview series is back, and to kick it off, we're speaking with and introducing you to some of the NFF Staff you may not know. This month, we're profiling Jaclyn Wohl, our Director of Marketing! Learn more about Jaclyn below, and meet her on island at #NFF17!

NFF: You've worked with NFF for several years. Can you tell us how your role has evolved and changed, and what brings you back to the island?

Jaclyn: That is true, my very first NFF was in 2009. I was only on island for a week to sell tickets in the main box office, and I fell in love with the island. It's a spiritual connection that brings me back year after year. I have been lucky to experience a few different departments at NFF over the years, from box office, venues, and production, to registration and now I serve as the Director of Marketing for the festival. I have made this great transition from festival operations to marketing, and I am excited to use my experience and love of the festival to help it grow and stay fresh.

NFF: Can you tell us a little about the poster contest that's running now?

Jaclyn: We have this great long standing partnership with a design firm in Boston (Brand Content), and this year they delivered us this wonderful campaign with 3 great images, and we couldn’t choose our favorite to grace the cover of our program we decided to go to the public to help us pick! It is a great way to get everyone excited about the festival this early in the year, and allow people to have a personal connection and involvement with NFF.

NFF:  How do you think marketing for a film festival is unique?

Jaclyn: I think we are a unique film festival, so we have to be more conscious of our marketing efforts. We definitely approach each year with fresh eyes, and see how we can make it better and exciting. This includes our branding, we have a new look for each festival. It brings a cohesive feeling to each year.

NFF: What are you looking forward to about this year's festival?

Jaclyn: There is so much I am looking forward to this year, but nothing has been officially announced yet so I have to keep my lips sealed! But since year one, I love Late Night Storytelling. Storytelling is such a unique and intimate art form, and is perfectly set against the backdrop of the island and the festival. 

NFF: What bar or restaurant will we find you at during #NFF17?

Jaclyn: This is a hard one - I have a lot favorites on island because the food is so good, especially for a dietary challenged girl like me. But the top places I have to hit when island: The Green, Lemon Press, Provisions and Jetties (the gluten-free Lobster pizza is everything!).