Showtime's Tony Cox Episodic Screenplay (60 Min), and Shorts Writer Semifinalists Announced!

Congratulations to all of our writers - finalists will be announced soon!

Episodic 60 Min Pilot Screenplay Semifinalists:

The Line by Tesia J. Walker
In the era of civil rights, racial tensions run high in a small South Carolina town home to a historically black university.

Miburn by Matt Gossen and Bennett Viso
Assigned with the insurmountable task of bringing down the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in segregated 1960s Mississippi, undercover FBI agents turn to unorthodox means.

North Country by Jeremy Craig
This layered, historical saga follows a man's transformation from ignominious prisoner to powerful timber baron during the Michigan lumber boom of Reconstruction Era America.

The Rize by Bryan Parker
A teenage boy from the projects discovers he may be the key to saving his neighborhood from both a gentrifying developer and darker forces at work.

Rue Pigalle by Jessica Shields
In 1930s Paris, on the seedy streets of Montmartre, a group of musicians, mobsters and misfits desperately cling to their slice of utopia as they contend with the global depression and encroaching war.

Short Screenplay Semifinalists:

Against the River by Dan Ritter
In this atmospheric suspense drama, three boys witness something unexpected in the woods.

Gemini I: Hold the Wind by Janae Green
Set during the historical Great Migration period of World War II, a newlywed Black couple seeks an escape from their lives in the Jim Crow South.

Koko Ni Inai (I'm Not Here) by Emel Saat
An imaginative, visually rich story in which two characters tackle themes of social media, isolation in a crowd, and the need to connect. 

Unreliable Narrators by Sara Alize Cross
A storyteller suffering from writer's block encounters a younger woman with a story eerily similar to her own.

The Yao of Tao by Rajiv Shah with Jesse Wang and Robert Berg
Tao, a Chinese caregiver for Isaac, a dying cancer patient, finds himself at odds with Isaac’s estranged daughter.