Five Questions With... Miguel Alvarez, Director of ATLANTIC CITY

ATLANTIC CITY is about two men working odd jobs throughout Texas, as one longs to see his estranged mother. With Raúl Castillo (also starring in We the Animals).

We spoke with director Miguel Alvarez about the film, playing in the EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT narrative shorts block on Sun, June 24 at 9am. Read more with Miguel below, and catch his short on Sunday morning!



NFF: Can you talk about your inspiration for the film?

Miguel: I’m from San Antonio and wanted to make a film about the city as seen from a different perspective. I also wanted to make a film about family and all the messy entanglements that come with it.

NFF: I hear you're super close with the two lead actors - was this story written with them in mind?

Miguel: Yes! I always had both Felix Solis and Raúl Castillo in mind for the film. The three of us are close friends and had talked about making something together for years. Felix and Raúl have a brothers-like relationship and we wanted to play off of that.

NFF: Is it easier or harder to work with people/friends you know?

Miguel: Both! Because we’re all good friends communicating was easy on set. But sometimes you think that because we all know each other so well that we can read each others’ minds, but you find out pretty quickly that isn’t the case!

NFF: Did you face any challenges or surprises while filming?

Miguel: Well, we filmed in four separate cities in five days, with rain tossed in. That was challenging.

NFF: Why are you excited to screen in Nantucket, and/or what do you hope Nantucket audiences might relate to or takeaway from the film?

Miguel: I’m hoping audiences walk out with a better appreciation for what family means. Whether related by blood or not, we all have people who we are extremely tight with and are constantly faced with choices that affect that relationship.