Five Questions With... Writer/Director Tucker Pearson

During winter in Nantucket, two young men steal pieces of art from unoccupied homes in the short film THE OFF SEASON, playing in Shorts: Everything Is Gonna Be Alright on Sunday, June 24 at 9am. We spoke with writer/director Tucker Pearson - take a look below, and see his short this Sunday! 



NFF: Can you talk a little about your inspiration for the film?

TUCKER: My original inspiration for the film came from reading the police blotter in the Inky Mirror on occasion. I had this catalog of interesting and bizarre criminal activities that had occurred on the island in the back of my mind, and thats what got my imagination going. I wanted to tell a story about the off season on the island, and funny enough I found that to be a really compelling title.  

NFF: Do you have a background in art, and/or how did you choose the pieces represented in the film?

TUCKER: I originally studied at Wheaton College in Norton, MA before I transferred to New York University to pursue film at Tisch School of the Arts. When I was at Wheaton, I was a Fine Arts major and concentrated in photography and sculpture. Also, my grandmother has one of the most amazing collections of art that I have ever seen, and I have spent countless hours just admiring her pieces. Many of the pieces you see in the film are actually hers.  

NFF: Do you see these guys as villains or heroes?

TUCKER: This is such a great question!!! I feel that in the mind’s of my characters, they see themselves as heroes at the beginning — kind of like Robin Hood types. However, as the film progresses, they begin to see one another as the villain. I think that’s the essence of the film, a morality split between friends.    

NFF: Did you face any challenges or surprises while filming?

TUCKER: As I am sure most Nantucketers know, winter weather can be wildly unpredictable and at times pretty extreme. Weather definitely was a major challenge for us because we had to be prepared to alter our schedule at the drop of a hat. Shooting around the island while maintaining consistent light was tricky for my team, yet the weather blessed us with an awesome surprise for a pretty pivotal scene. We had a blizzard kick up the morning we shot the golf scene, and it worked incredibly well for the story. It was a really happy surprise.  

NFF: Why are you excited to screen in Nantucket, and/or what do you hope Nantucket audiences might relate to or takeaway from the film?

TUCKER: I am so incredibly happy to have this film be included in the Nantucket Film Festival. I consider Nantucket home, and so it was my goal from the beginning to have this film premiere here. It’s kind of like the ultimate homecoming for me. It’s beautiful to see the journey of this film come full circle, from concept to production to premiere. My hope is that everyone will be able to take something away from this film. If it keeps people thinking after they have left the theater — thats the ultimate success for me as a storyteller.