Our Staff's Top Ten Oliver Stone Scripts -- # 8 and #7

This week we continue a countdown of our Staff's favorite Oliver Stone scripts with numbers 8 and 7. 

Coming in at #8...

Talk Radio (1988) dir. Oliver Stone.  Starring:  Eric Bogosian, Ellen Greene, and Leslie Hope.  The film was based on the play by Bogosian and Tad Savinar.  Portions of the film and play were based on the assassination of radio host Alan Berg in 1984 and the book Talked to Death: The Life and Murder of Alan Berg by Stephen Singular.  Bogosian plays "Barry Champlain," a Jewish radio personality in Dallas, Texas, with a caustic sense of humor and a knack for cutting people down with his controversial politically liberal views.  Champlain's contentious dynamic with the public reaches a boiling point and yields a tragic end. [via Wikipedia].

And #7 is...

The Doors (1991) dir. Oliver Stone.  Starring: Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Kyle MacLachlan, and Kathleen Quinlann.  The film portrays Morrison as the larger-than-life icon of 1960s rock and roll, counterculture, and the drug-using free love hippie lifestyle. But the depiction goes beyond the iconic: his alcoholism, interest in the spiritual plane and hallucinogenic drugs, and, particularly, his growing obsession with death are threads which weave in and out of the film.  [via Wikipedia].

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