Showtime's Tony Cox Feature Screenplay SemiFinalists Announced!

Congratulations to our writers:

Any Given Week by Jen Richards
A week in the lives of three successful, but very different, transgender women, as they navigate career, love, and friendship.

Corporate Retreat by Marty Johnson
Eliza, a single mom and would-be actress making ends meet as a property manager for second homeowners, takes on the role of a lifetime: one of her wealthy clients.

The Esther Code by Esa Nurminen
An FBI agent must solve a ancient hidden code to stop a serial-killer vigilante.

Germ by Niki Sharirli
Inspired by true events. In the mid 1800s, Ignaz Semmelweis worked against the prejudices of his peers and his own self-doubt to pioneer one of the most important procedures in modern medicine - hand washing.

Henry County by Walker Kalan
While struggling to raise his preteen cousin, a young mechanic in rural Virginia falls for a journalist from New York.

The Interlude by Paul G. O'Connor
An idealistic young American woman running a soup kitchen near the front lines in World War I is confronted with the realities of war by a mysterious Belgian soldier.

Johnny Ace by Moon Molson
Christmas, 1954: Houston homicide detectives investigating the seemingly accidental death of popular R&B singer Johnny Ace discover that the case is far more complex than it first appears.

Lifers by  by Amanda Peppe with Chris Peppe
An ex-con gets out of prison after 35 years and seeks redemption, standing up for a family of migrant farmworkers.

Long Shot by by Tamar Halper with Stephen Wiesmore
A young biracial dancer from a broken home has big dreams that seem completely unattainable until she meets the most unlikely mentor.

Savage Beauty by Charles Lyons
The story of Edna St. Vincent Millay, the ultimate bohemian of 1920s Greenwich Village, and her struggle to find love while burning her candle at both ends.