Five Questions With...Molly Martin

There's a new Operations Director at NFF - welcome Molly Martin! Although Molly is new to this role, she's no stranger to Nantucket. Molly is a former year-round resident who runs a summer camp on the island for kids!

Read more from Molly below, and say hello to her this summer at #NFF17!

NFF: Welcome to #NFF17! You've worked with the Festival in the past; how is your new position different, and what made you want to rejoin the team?

Molly: Thanks!  You may not know this, but I was a volunteer in 1999 and 2000 for the Festival!  Then in 2014, started working in the Guest Relations Department, where I would coordinate the transportation of our guests on island for the festival. Now as the Director of Operations I am involved in multiple operational components of the festival.  I love every bit of the process of producing this festival, and can't wait for our 22nd festival this year!  

NFF: As a former year-round Nantucket local, what do you think NFF brings to the community?

Molly: I personally love our Teen View program.  It's an innovative way to give local teens an opportunity to make their own short film and then see it with an audience on the big screen during the festival.  Where else does that happen?  I also appreciate the NFF Now film series in the winter.  It's a program where Independent films screen once a month at the Dreamland Theatre that would not typically be offered on island.  I feel the experience expresses gratitude to the year-round community.

NFF: What surprises you and/or what do you like best about working in the film festival world?

Molly: What I like best about working in the film festival world is the intimate exchange between filmmakers and their audience. I find it fascinating to hear first hand from the filmmakers, actors, and/or directors about their creative process.

NFF: What are you excited about that's coming up in #NFF17?

Molly: There are so many exciting things that are coming up for #NFF17, where do I begin?  Here are my top 3: We are screening at a new venue this year, The White Heron Theatre, NFF is bringing one of our Signature Programs back, and the movies we will be screening are remarkably incredible stories!

NFF: Tell us something about Nantucket that only a local would know.

Molly: I can't reveal any "local" secrets!  But I will give you some advice that a "local" friend recently gave me: "Never believe the weather channel about local weather on the island!"