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In special partnership with The Nantucket Project and Harbers Studios, the Nantucket Film Festival presented a unique addition to its Signature Programs: a one-of-a-kind showcase of three films from the Harbers Storytelling Project, the filmmakers who made them, and the speakers who inspired them. Each short was accompanied by a special talk exploring the larger idea at the heart of the film.

Ideas/Talks/Films 2016

This special program included the short films Acceptance, Ergo mars, and Taller than the trees. These shorts were paired with a guest speaker. 


The Nantucket Project (September 22-25, 2016) celebrates the richness of the human experience through storytelling, with films, speakers and performers exploring the human imagination, creativity, thought-leadership, business values and social change. NFF will present programming at the Project this fall, more information to be announced.


The Harbers Storytelling Project is a unique collaboration between The Nantucket Project and Harbers Studios. The Nantucket Project is best known for its annual conference celebrating the richness of human experience through storytelling. Harbers Studios is best known for making short films with big impact. Together, they harness the creative powers of some of the world’s best speakers and filmmakers and follow the creative process from ideas to talks to films.