Beginning fall 2015, for the first time ever, the Nantucket Film Festival provided free educational opportunities for Nantucket teens all year long.

In keeping with the Nantucket Film Festival’s mission of highlighting screenwriters, and a staple of NFF’s educational initiatives for over a decade, the Teen View on NFF focuses on empowering Nantucket teens by teaching screenwriting and filmmaking skills, and encompasses year-round Writing Labs and the week-long Filmmaking Program during the week of the Film Festival, where students present their short film projects to the island community.

We are also incredibly thankful to the local organizations who provide yearly grant support.

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Year-Round Labs

Nantucket High School students participating in our Teen View Labs have an opportunity to develop the basic skills required to write, shoot, and edit documentaries and narrative films. Students spend the spring in the Labs creating films from four to seven minutes long. The students’ films are then analyzed and critiqued by their peers. The finished films have their world premiere screenings during the Festival. 


Lab #1: Intro to Teen View

Students will begin by discussing film in general, modes of storytelling, Lab goals, and story ideas. Beginning formulating draft of screenplay for short film.

Lab #2: Writing Group

Read each other’s screenplays or treatments and give constructive feedback, in addition to talking about character development, exposition, action, and point-of-view in narrative filmmaking.

Lab #3: Film Viewing and Analysis #1

Watch a film (TBD) and afterwards work through a narrative analysis as a group.


Lab #4: Q&A with NFF and Local Filmmaker

A roundtable with the staff of the Nantucket Film Festival and a local filmmaker about film schools, the industry at large, and what goes into the movie-making and festival process.

Lab #5: Film Viewing and Analysis #2

Watch a film (TBD) and afterwards work through a narrative analysis as a group.


Lab #6: Camera and Lighting Techniques

Review and hands-on demonstration of camera operation, as well as discuss techniques for how to use and move the camera, and lighting the frame for dramatic and narrative effect. Students beginning shooting their films outside of Labs.


Lab #7: Audio and Sound Design / DSLR Operation

Review and hands-on demonstration of microphones and sound equipment (including test interview), as well as discuss creating cohesive and functional sound design for film. Students continue shooting their films outside of Labs.

Lab #8: Editing Workshop #1 / After Effects

Review and hands-on demonstration of editing software with footage from their films, plus learn and try out basic After Effects software capabilities.

Lab #9: Editing Workshop #2

Complete one sequence on their films, plus continue to refine and learn about editing techniques and software. Students will continue to work on their projects (shooting and editing) outside of Labs.


Lab #10: Editing Workshop #3

Complete films and pre-screen them for NFF staff before Festival.

NFF Teen View Intensive

Students will document the Film Festival, start-to-finish, while preparing videos for the Festival to use during the week. Students will film behind-the-scenes footage, be a part of a live production crew (NCTV18), and learn to edit on a deadline.


At the Festival


As part of our commitment to youth education, we’re rolling out the red carpet for student filmmakers. This event features eight shorts that are the work of students from Nantucket High School who participated in the winter and spring Teen View Labs, where they wrote, directed, produced, and edited a mix of fiction, non-fiction, and mockumentary projects. Students were given access to professional equipment and now will have the opportunity to experience their work with a festival audience.



Students in our year-round Teen View Labs may also participate in this weeklong crash course in production. The students use footage shot as part of a live production crew (NCTV18) and to make videos for the NFF website. The Teen View Program director is screenwriter/director Jeff Tocci.



Five Nantucket eighth graders will screen this year’s shorts, discuss each one, and in the process learn the fundamentals of critical film analysis. At the end of the Festival, the jury will give the Short Film Award to the filmmaker whose short best inspires discussion. TEEN VIEW JURY COORDINATOR: Rick Colon

About the Instructor

Jeff Tocci received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Media Arts & Design at James Madison University, with a concentration in Directing and Producing Digital Video. He started his professional video career making the documentary, Beardo: A Documentary on the World Beard and Moustache Championships, directing a crew of nine people while covering the event Anchorage, Alaska. Later that year, he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana where he and his business partner launched the production company “So It Goes Productions,” a studio specializing in music videos for local artists. In 2010, Jeff moved to Nantucket to become the Director of Plum TV, and from 2011 to 2014 was the Executive Director of Nantucket Community Television, tasked with building the station from the ground up and developing it into one of the most advanced public access stations in the country. At the end of 2014, Jeff stepped down at NCTV to launch his own production company, Digital Handmade (, and is currently directing a television pilot for a travel show set in Costa Rica.

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