Comedy Roundtable: SNL Writers’ Room Gold

Join Saturday Night Live writer and performer greats as they chat about some of the best SNL sketches that didn’t or couldn’t air! Go behind the scenes of America’s signature sketch comedy show, a breeding ground for talented writers and wildly creative minds for more than four decades. We’ll dig into how SNL writers and cast members collaborate and go from half-baked ideas to screen-ready sketches, and we’ll have a chance to hear what was too spicy for a television audience!

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Saturday, June 22
conversation at 12:30 PM
at first congregational church

Anne Beatts

Original Writer

Notable Sketches:

  • The Nerds: Broken Fridge (pictured)

  • Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute

  • Consumer Probe: Irwin Mainway

  • Angora Bouquet

  • More Insects to Worry About


Jane Curtin

Original cast member

Notable characters:

  • Weekend Update Anchor

  • Enid Loopner

  • Prymaat Conehead (pictured)

  • Joan Face

  • Iris De Flaminio


Heidi Gardner

Current cast member

Notable characters:

  • Brie Bacardi (pictured)

  • Drew Barrymore

  • Angel, Every Boxing Movie Girlfriend

  • Baskin Johns

  • Allison Janney

Heidi Gardner SNL.jpg

Sudi Green

current writer

Notable sketches:

  • A Kanye Place

  • Welcome to Hell

  • Women of Congress (pictured)

  • The Sound of Music (Ariana Grande)

  • Weekend Update: Astronaut Anne McClain