A Festival favorite from day one, Morning Coffee With…® offers a chance to hear captivating and inspiring working tales from the filmmakers’ perspective. This year’s Morning Coffee With…® is sure to entertain as it serves up both highly anticipated festival attendees and a delectable assortment of coffee and treats. We will announce Morning Coffee With…® guests online prior to the Festival.

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Thursday, June 22: Documentary Storytelling

Hosted by Jill Burkhart, NFF Founder/Board Member and EPIX Executive

Owsley Brown (Director, Serenade for Haiti)
Ramona S. Diaz (Director, Motherland)
Emily Harrold (Producer, Monkey Business)


Friday, June 23: A Focus on Television

Hosted by John Shea, Actor/Writer/Director (GREY LADY, SOUTHIE)

Davey Holmes (Creator/Executive Producer, Get Shorty - EPIX, Writer/Executive Producer, Shameless - Showtime)
George Pelecanos (Creator/Writer/Executive Producer, The Duce - HBO, Writer/Producer, The Wire - HBO)
Kathleen Rose Perkins (Actress, Episodes - Showtime)
Ryan White (Creator/Director, The Keepers - Netflix)


Saturday, June 24: Comedy in Film

Hosted by Donick Cary, NFF Board Member and Writer/Producer (SILICON VALLEY, PARKS & RECREATION) 

Lisa Addario (Writer/Director, Coup d'Etat)
Andrew Duncan (Producer, Fun Mom Dinner)
Geremy Jasper (Writer/Director, Patti Cake$)

Sunday, June 25: Writing and Directing

Hosted by Jonathan Burkhart, NFF Founder/Board Member and Producer 

Ryan Eggold (Writer/Director, Literally, Right Before Aaron)
Angus MacLachlan (Writer/Director, Abundant Acreage Available)
Jared Moshé (Writer/Director, The Ballad of Lefty Brown)
Lauren Wolkstein (Writer/Director, The Strange Ones)