A Festival favorite from day one, Morning Coffee With…® offers a chance to hear captivating and inspiring working tales from the filmmakers’ perspective. This year’s Morning Coffee With…® is sure to entertain as it serves up both highly anticipated festival attendees and a delectable assortment of coffee and treats. We will announce Morning Coffee With…® guests online prior to the Festival.


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Our daily Morning Coffee With…® series starts your day with fun and insightful discussions with guest screenwriters, directors, and producers. Meet the filmmakers and get a glimpse behind the scenes of this year’s films at these always popular events. 

Hosted by Kathleen Matthews, NFF Board Co-Chair


  • Irene Taylor Brodsky (Director, Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in

    Three Movements

  • Lisa Cortes (Producer, The Apollo

  • A.J. Eaton (Director, David Crosby: Remember My Name)

  • Julia Reichert (Director, American Factory

Hosted by John Shea, Actor/Writer/Director (Grey Lady, Southie)


  • Gregory Bernstein (Writer, Official Secrets)

  • Hilary Brougher (Writer/Director, South Mountain)

  • Thomas Matthews (Writer/Director, Lost Holiday)

  • Sameh Zoabi (Writer/Director, Tel Aviv on Fire)

  • Paul Downs Colaizzo (Writer/Director, Brittany Runs a


Hosted by Jonathan Burkhart, NFF Founder/Board Member & Producer


  • Annabelle Attanasio (Writer/Director, Mickey and the Bear)

  • George Pelecanos (Writer/Director, DC Noir)

  • Michael Tyburski (Writer/Director, The Sound of Silence)

  • Lulu Wang (Writer/Director, The Farewell)

Hosted by Jill Burkhart, NFF Founder/Board Member & Senior Director, Epix


  • Davy Rothbart (Director, 17 Blocks)

  • Waad al-Kateab (Director, For Sama)

  • Cindy Meehl (Director, The Dog Doc)

  • Linda Goldstein Knowlton (Director, We Are the Radical