2020 Submissions are Open!

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Showtime Tony Cox Screenplay Competitions recognize emerging writers in four unique categories as the best from the pool of submissions each year. Finalists in each competition are read by prestigious juries, receive top industry recognition, and participate in a Festival focused specifically on screenwriting that includes cash prizes for all competitions and a Mentors Brunch with a prominent screenwriter (past mentors include Noah Baumbach, Oliver Stone, Robert Towne,
David O. Russell, and Nancy Meyers). 

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2020 Deadlines & Fees

Feature Screenplay
Episodic Screenplay (60 Min)
Episodic Screenplay (30 Min)
Short Screenplay
Early Deadline: October 18
Regular Deadline: January 10
Final Deadline: February 12*


Final Deadline: March 11**


* Final Deadline for Episodic Screenplay (30 Min) Competition submissions only.
** Final Deadline for Feature Screenplay, Episodic Screenplay (60 Min), and Short Screenplay Competition submissions.

Script Analysis Option

We also offer the opportunity to learn what does and doesn’t work on your project before your screenplay reaches the executive’s desk. Our analysis is meant to be constructive and help you improve your script. Contrary to internal “coverage” designed to save time for film executives, our script analysis is envisioned with the writer in mind.

Nantucket Film Festival Script Analysis includes:

  • A well crafted log­-line you will be able to use to describe your story;

  • Genre suggestion;

  • Scores on the critical elements of the script: story structure, plot development, character development, dialogue, marketability, and originality;

  • Critical evaluation on the elements of the script: story structure, plot development, character development, dialogue, marketability, and originality (2 pages).

We offer the Script Analysis option with our Feature Screenplay Competition, through March 11. The submission fee includes entry into Competition plus analysis.

Showtimes Tony Cox Screenplay Competitions Submission FAQs

Do I need to upload my screenplay or send it via e-mail by the deadline?
Yes, scripts should be uploaded via filmfreeway.com/coverfly.com or e-mailed in PDF form by the stated deadlines and be accompanied by the corresponding fee.

What kind of scripts do you accept?
We accept feature film, short film, and original episodic scripts of any genre and budget. We do NOT accept scripts for documentary films or “reality TV”. We ONLY accept original pilot (first episode) submissions for television scripts in either 30 Min format or 60 Min format.

Does the Episodic Screenplay (30 Min) pilot have to be a comedy?
Episodic pilots of any genre may be submitted for the 30 Min category, but note that they must feature comedic elements which would benefit from participation in the Episodic Comedy Screenwriters Colony, the grand prize of this category.

Do I need to submit anything else along with my Episodic Screenplay submission?
Yes! All 60 Min and 30 Min Episodic submissions MUST INCLUDE a series and/or season synopsis. One paragraph total summary is preferred; one page total summary is the maximum. Please attach this synopsis to the script PDF; do not upload/send separate documents.

What format should the scripts be submitted in?
We only accept electronic scripts in PDF or Word document form. We do NOT accept hard copies of scripts.

What are the scripts' eligibility requirements?
Feature screenplays must be standard feature length (80-125 pages). Short screenplays must be no more than 40 pages in length (1-40 pages). Episodic pilot screenplays must be original and standard television length, 21-30 pages for half-hour-long show and 42-60 pages for hour-long show. We do not accept spec scripts or spinoffs of existing shows. We do not accept scripts for “reality TV” shows.

  • Screenplays must be standard U.S. format only;

  • Screenplays may not have been produced;

  • Screenplays must be in English;

  • Screenplays must be completed by the entry deadline;

  • Screenplays must include a title page without the applicant’s name.

Can I send a draft now and a replacement copy later?
No, we do not accept replacement copies of a script. The only way we can accept a new revised version of your script is if you re-submit it using a new entry form and paying the corresponding entry fee.

Do I need to copyright my script before submitting?
While copyright is not mandatory for submitted scripts, we very strongly encourage our writers to copyright their work. We also strongly suggest you register your work with the Writers Guild of America. Visit www.wgawregistry.org for information on how to do so.

My script is longer than standard length. Will I be disqualified?
No, you will not be disqualified, but a $1 per page fee applies for feature scripts over 125 pages, short screenplays over 40 pages, 30 Min screenplays over 30 pages, and 60 Min screenplays over 60 min. Please be proactive and mail the check for the additional amount when you submit your screenplay. Otherwise, our programming team will follow up with all screenwriters who submit works longer than standard length for payment.

Can I submit more than one script?
You can submit as many scripts as you want as long as each of them is accompanied by its respective entry form and fee.

Can I re-submit the same script I submitted last year?
You may only re-submit your script if significant changes have been made. We do not consider the same script twice.

Do you accept adaptations?
Yes, we do accept adaptations. Make sure you have the rights to adapt the original material and all legal issues are settled before submitting. Our programming team will ask for official documentation to rights for all top ten semi-finalists.

Do you accept scripts written in collaboration?
Yes, we do accept collaborations. Prize money will be equally split between all writers. Please note that for the winner of the Feature Screenplay Competition, NFF will provide accommodations and travel for only one writer, and that the Screenwriters Colony’s October retreat may only be attended by one writer. Similarly, only one winning writer of the Episodic Screenplay (30 Min) Competition may attend the Episodic Comedy Colony in June.

I don’t live in the USA. Can I submit a script? How do I pay the submission fee?
Yes, as long as the script is submitted in English. You can pay the submission fee with a money order in U.S. dollars payable to The Nantucket Film Festival.

I’m having issues submitting through Coverfly or FilmFreeway. What should I do?
For technical issues with either Coverfly or FilmFreeway, please contact their support directly. Please note that NFF only accepts submissions via these two platforms. If you are worried about meeting a submission deadline and are having issues with the submission platform, email us at submissions@nantucketfilmfestival.org so that we are aware of your problem.

I didn’t receive an e-mail confirmation for my submission.
The Festival does not send email confirmations for scripts submitted through www.filmfreeway.com or www.coverfly.com. Filmfreeway.com or coverfly.com handles all email confirmations processed through their site. You can verify the status of your submission by checking the Coverfly or Film Freeway website. If you submitted your script by email and have not received a confirmation, please send us a note inquiring about it at submissions@nantucketfilmfestival.org.

Will I receive notes on my script? Can I see the judges scoring?
In order to receive notes on your script you must select the Script Analysis Option when filling in your application. Script Analysis Option is only available for Feature Screenplay Competition submissions. See our Script Analysis page for more details.

How many submissions do you get?
We receive around 500 screenplay submissions per year for our feature film competition, and between 100-200 submissions for the other competitions.

When will the results be announced?
Notifications will be sent before or by mid May by e-mail only. Winners will be announced publicly during the Award Ceremony at the Nantucket Film Festival.

How many people win?
For our Feature Screenplay competition, we will announce ten semi-finalists. From the semi-finalists, we will announce three finalists to be read by the Feature Screenplay jury. The jury will award one winner from the three finalists. For our Episodic Screenplay (60 Min), Episodic Screenplay (30 Min), and Short Screenplay competitions, we will announce three finalists each, with the corresponding jury awarding one winner per competition from the three finalists.

What happens to the rights of my script if I win?
You will retain the rights to the script whatever the outcome of the competition.

If I win, do I have to attend the Screenwriters Colony?
Yes, it is expected that the winner of the Feature Screenplay Competition will attend the Screenwriters Colony on Nantucket for the month of October, and that the winner of the Episodic Screenplay (30 Min) Competition will attend the Screenwriters Colony: Episodic Comedy on Nantucket for the two weeks in June leading up to the Festival.

For additional questions regarding submission and other general inquiries, please e-mail submissions@nantucketfilmfestival.org.