As a non­profit, our organization thrives thanks to the generous contributions of our festival community and beyond. By donating to NFF, your contribution has a lasting impact on our educational programs for Nantucket teens, the local arts community, and the promotion of independent cinema.

With your help, we can continue to offer unforgettable movie-going experiences for decades to come. 

The Major Donor Circle is a new fundraising program founded to widen the breadth and deepen the impact of our efforts devoted to storytelling, including our Teen View on NFF programs, our Screenwriters Colony, and our Screenwriters Tribute prizes.

Become A Member

Please consider joining the Major Donor Circle program, illustrated below. With a three-year commitment, your support will help NFF continue our enduring dedication to storytelling through free cross-disciplinary film and media education, immersive residency programs for writers, and impactful contributions to major artists.

Help us ignite and embrace the storytellers of tomorrow! 


* Legacy Circle Passes: Ticketless Access, No Lines, Reserved Seating, Concierge Services