Tammy and David live with David’s parents in a small-town. Their quiet life is disrupted when Bill, David’s father, suspects that David is having an affair and he attempts to protect Tammy from his son’s actions. This drives a wedge in their family and tensions rise in their close-quarters, creating an emotional minefield that threatens their sacred familial bond. NFF alum Angus MacLachlan returns to the festival with a personal and humorous tale of complex family dynamics and the authenticity of a quiet-led life. Deeply emotional roots are revealed beneath ordinary conversations, as the stellar cast portrays intimate performances steeped in empathy.


DIRECTOR(S): Angus MacLachlan
SCREENWRITER(S): Angus MacLachlan
CAST: David Strathairn, Jane Levy, Celia Weston, Will Pullen, Anna Camp, Dascha Polanco



3:30 PM — Dreamland Theater - Main

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