Following the loss of her mother, Alysia and her father, Steve, move from the Midwest to start anew in San Francisco. There, he embraces the bohemian decadence of the era over parental responsibilities, pursuing writing—and an interest in men—while Alysia is given a remarkable amount of independence for her age. As she grows up, and as the 1970s give way to the sobering AIDS crisis of the ‘80s, their unconventional relationship is tested in Andrew Durham’s debut feature, based on the best-seller Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father by Alysia Abbott.


DIRECTOR(S): Andrew Durham
SCREENWRITER(S): Andrew Durham
CAST: Scoot McNairy, Emilia Jones, Geena Davis, Cody Fern, Adam Lambert, Maria Bakalova



3:30 PM — White Heron Theatre

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