Nantucket native Donick Cary has been a lifelong fan of Washington, DC’s professional football team. When his son asks if the team name is racist, the question prompts a cross-country journey to interview Native Americans for their authentic perspectives about erasure, invisibility, and representation. Along the way, the father and son duo find that the answer they’re seeking is just as complicated as the question.



DIRECTOR(S): Donick Cary

Presented in Multiple Parts

How to Cope With Your Team Changing Its Native American Mascot

If your sports team had to change its mascot because it was offensive to Native Americans, don''t fret. These ...
3 min | Joey Clift
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6 Things You Didn’t Learn About Native American People in High School

87% of U.S. schools don''t teach Native American history past 1900, so here''s some basics you missed while pl...
2 min | Joey Clift
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Following a screening of HAIL TO THE BREADSTICKS!, host Joey Clift (enrolled Cowlitz tribe member, comedian, a...
30 min
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1:00 PM — Dreamland Theater - Studio

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