Directed by
Ian Wexler
Produced by
Ally Condrath, Kyle Miller
Written by
Dinner for One - Ally Condrath, Jake Mann, Kyle Miller, Ian Wexler
Cast includes
Caroline Aaron, Bill Irwin


Puppy Love

Emily has to decide if her connection with Austin is a deep one or if she just likes his dog....
12 min | Daniel Rashid | | English
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Shut Up, Jack

Jack’s anxiety spirals out of control at a party....
9 min | Alec Bewkes | | English
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Golden Child

A young woman is reunited with her childhood friend at a pool party....
10 min | Hannah Levin | | English
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Beta Love

A man builds and programs an AI-robot girlfriend for himself but she develops a mind of her own....
12 min | Stuey Pliskin | | English
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Terminally Ill

A man visits his grandmother in the hospital and expresses his emotions through a freestyle rap....
8 min | Chris J. Cole | | English
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We Met At Camp

A young girl scrambles when a lie grows out of her control at summer camp....
16 min | MC Plaschke | English
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