Presented in Multiple Parts

Teen View Film: IN THE CARDS

The 2024 Teen View class film! At the end of the world, a grieving group of teenagers choose to spend their la...
15 min | Lizzy Aguilar (Freshman), Lucy Bell (Sophomore), Hadley Cooke (6th Grade), Rex Dixon (Graduate), Shayquan Francis (Sophomore), Jeremiah Nustar (Freshman), Saraiah Nustar (Graduate), Anna Popnikalova (Senior), Marley Viselli (Senior) | | English
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The Dildo from Nantucket

A century-old dildo discovered in a colonial Nantucket home sparks controversial discussions about sexuality o...
18 min | Mike McGuirk | | English
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Lost in Nevers Land

Residents of Nantucket recount the sudden disappearance of Dr. Margaret Kilcoyne from her home on a freezing w...
24 min | Dee White Creative Director and Editor, Penny Dey, Director | | English
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These shorts are about Nantucket, by Nantucket filmmakers! Come for our annual Teen View film, the story of a ...
56 min | English
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