Directed by
Kristina Pringle
Produced by
Harry Shaw, Samantha Locock, Sophie Neophytou
Written by
Kristina Pringle
Cast includes
Jaeden Paige Boadilla, Cordell Munyawiri


Battery Mommy

When disaster strikes, Battery Mommy runs to the rescue...
8 min | Seungbae Jeon | Korean
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The Queenʻs Flowers

A young Hawaiian girl sets out to create a gift for the last monarch of Hawai’i, Queen Lili‘uokalani....
12 min | Ciara Leinaʻala Lacy, Dan Sousa | English, Native Hawaiian
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A friendship blooms through the preparation of a bouquet of flowers....
3 min | Cécile Robineau | French
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Three Trees

Three trees express gratitude for their unique beauty during the four seasons....
5 min | M.R. Horhager, Aaron Hong | English
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Cat Café

When a café closes down for the night, the cool cats of Paris come out to party....
4 min | Ottilie Collingridge
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Today, We Climbed a Hill

Two mice build a mountain to reach a box of corn flakes....
8 min | Gordon LePage
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Two children on a camping trip create stories with their shadows to comfort themselves during a thunderstorm....
3 min | Julie Daravan Chea | French
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A Tiny Voyage

A parakeet escapes from its cage, introducing its owner to a technicolor reality....
8 min | Emily Worms | French
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Little Fan

Through unexpected circumstances, a portable fan and a paper crane develop a meaningful friendship....
5 min | Sveta Yuferov, Shad Lee Bradbury
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Upside Down

A young bat goes against the grain of his peers and chases after the warmth of sunlight....
12 min | Dace Rīdūze
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