Directed by
Dace Rīdūze
Produced by
Māris Putniņš
Written by
Dace Rīdūze


Battery Mommy

When disaster strikes, Battery Mommy runs to the rescue...
8 min | Seungbae Jeon | Korean
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The Queenʻs Flowers

A young Hawaiian girl sets out to create a gift for the last monarch of Hawai’i, Queen Lili‘uokalani....
12 min | Ciara Leinaʻala Lacy, Dan Sousa | English, Native Hawaiian
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A friendship blooms through the preparation of a bouquet of flowers....
3 min | Cécile Robineau | French
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Three Trees

Three trees express gratitude for their unique beauty during the four seasons....
5 min | M.R. Horhager, Aaron Hong | English
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Cat Café

When a café closes down for the night, the cool cats of Paris come out to party....
4 min | Ottilie Collingridge
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Today, We Climbed a Hill

Two mice build a mountain to reach a box of corn flakes....
8 min | Gordon LePage
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Two children on a camping trip create stories with their shadows to comfort themselves during a thunderstorm....
3 min | Julie Daravan Chea | French
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Rice Ball

At lunchtime, a British-East Asian student braces for her classmates’ reactions to her home-cooked meal....
2 min | Kristina Pringle | English
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A Tiny Voyage

A parakeet escapes from its cage, introducing its owner to a technicolor reality....
8 min | Emily Worms | French
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Little Fan

Through unexpected circumstances, a portable fan and a paper crane develop a meaningful friendship....
5 min | Sveta Yuferov, Shad Lee Bradbury
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